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Let us help you relax your mind and body through the power of Yoga

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Avalon Yoga Centre is committed to promoting health and mental wellness, a sense of happiness and tranquility, through a variety of Yoga, in a safe, welcoming community.

At Avalon Yoga Centre previous yoga experience is not required. You are welcome as you are.

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible” – You know thats right! You start to feel old when your body gets stiffer. A regular yoga practice keeps the body moving, flexible, and builds consciousness of how we treat ourselves and others. These are some of the keys strategies to being successful at any task you take on. Yoga gives us coping strategies through breath and movement to help us manage difficult situations and consequently reduce our stress. Coming to our mat and learning the act of surrendering allows Yoga to heal our mind, body and spirit.

Yoga gives you the ability to survive longer because it makes you more efficient at breathing. Yoga is all about the breath. We breathe shallowly and without awareness or consciousness of the breath. We can extend our lives and existence by breathing more consciously. Breathing keeps us focused and aware. These are some of the keys to successful healthy living.

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