Hi! I am Anya and I would love to share my yoga practice with you. I started my yoga journey with hot yoga and instantly fall in love with heat and how my body felt more flexible in a hot room and I felt so relieved of stress after each class. After few years of practice I realized that yoga means much more for me than just class practice, then I went deeper into it during my trip to Russia, where I originally from. I practiced different styles of yoga, and I always enjoy the beauty of breath, power and energy of flow. As soon as I came back to the States, I finished Yoga Six teacher training, and here I am – sharing my practice with students of different age groups, different professions and different levels of flexibility. I honestly love to see how yoga changes people to a better stage of themselves. I believe that everyone has a chance and ability to practice yoga, and that’s my favorite part of it! Everything that includes movement and breath is yoga for me – you can meditate, practice in your bed, simply sitting in a chair or staying in a plank- it all will be yoga and surely you will benefit either way.

Come practice with me, you only need an open heart and sweet intention, can’t wait to meet you!