A dear friend, who was a recent Yoga teacher training graduate and opening her first studio, motivated me to come to one of her classes. I was skeptical but wanted to support her so I went and guess what? I fell in love with Yoga! I found that Yoga has a way of enhancing the ability to enjoy living in the present, to slow down, reflect and breathe.The class was fun, interactive and informal and I went away with a new frame of mind. Yoga is not only an ancient beneficial exercise but also an accessible discipline to a new way of life. I went on to grow and learn and completed my teacher training in 2014. With Yoga I have learned to live life with appreciation, respect and self acceptance. I also learned to calm my minds unnecessary chatter, decrease stress and increase patience.These blessings have made me a better mom, wife, friend, business partner, Dental Health Care professional and business owner. These are the blessings and teachings I wish to share with all of our community in a kind, thoughtful manner and relaxed, welcoming environment.. I cherish that first Yoga class and my friend / teacher who taught me that Yoga brings peace and acceptance to life.