Class Descriptions


Geared for beginning & returning students, these classes give you the time & support tunderstand the proper alignment of yoga poses & fundamental breathing techniques.

You will be amazed as you discover how your body works & what its capable of.


This class focuses on building strength & balance before winding down & ending with calming practice to relax the body/mind to prepare for a good rest. Open level suitablfor beginners, but advised to have a few fundamental level classes before participating.


This class is designed to connect breath with movement while allowing time tunderstand proper alignment & safe transitions. This class is ideal for beginner students.

Modifications are always offered to support each individuals practice


Start your morning off right as you are guided through several poses to energize yourself for the day. This class will focus on each area of the body in order to warm yourself up before starting the day


Take a break during your day with this quick 40minute lunch time yoga class!


This is a group energy healing & activation session that empowers you as the healer oyour life. You are guided to visualize energy & imagery to cleanse, clear, & elevate youconscious state of awareness. You will remain comfortably reclined & supported as yoare guided through the meditation.


This gentle flow class is nurturing & supportive. The pace will allow you to matcbreath with movement. Gentle yoga is meant to rejuvenate & soothe both mind andbody. Welcome to beginners; great for everyone!

This class includes gentle stretching & meditation. Its accessible to bodies of all ages utilizes chairs, the wall & bolsters to help you achieve optimum stretching. A brief massage with essential oils concludes the class to leave you feeling refreshed.


Take time out of your work day for this 50 minute class. Its pefect for anyone who wantto relax & recharge during their lunch hour. This vinyasa yoga class will reenergize youbody and get you ready for the rest of your day.


Acompáñenos a esta clase para principiantes ofrecida en español. Esta clase estdiseñada para alinear el cuerpo y la mente a través de movimiento con la respiración.

Estudiantes aprenderán las poses básicas de yoga y la importancia de la respiracióconsciente. La atención a conexión entre lo interno y lo externo son herramientas qulos estudiantes pueden usar en la vida diaria. Call or text questions to (llamado o textpara preguntas a) 3145291131 or


This slow flow vinyasa class is a relaxing and restorative way to end your day. Weluse slow and deliberate movements as well as our breath to slow down, wrap up ouevenings, & prepare for rest.


This class is open to all, but will focus on poses using a chair. These modifications makyoga accessible to people who cannot stand or lack the mobility to move easily frostanding to seated to supine positions.


This class mindfully moves from dynamic postures to build heat and nourish oumuscles and joints, to static postures to release deep seated imbalances, and on tstillness for reflection and relaxation. The thoughtful combination of these practiceinvites the whole body back to a balanced state of being.


This gentle class includes inspirational readings & focuses on breathwork witmovement to develop a deep state of relaxation. The mission of Holy Yoga is to spreathe gospel to the ends of the earth through yoga.


Salsa Saturdays consists of several class options: 2pm foBeginner/ Intermediatdancers, 3pm for Advanced danders, and 4pm is open to all dancers.